To accept registrations for your event, you'll first need to create a registration form. Once you've done this, the registration form must be published so that registrants can access it.

Preview & test your form before you publish

We recommend previewing and testing your registration form before you publish it to begin accepting registrations. When previewing and testing your form, here are a few tips and things to check:

  • Ask a colleague or friend to test your registration form. Use their feedback to improve the form.

  • Are there any fields that are required, which a registrant may not be able to provide? If so, consider making it optional so registrants don't get blocked.

  • Are there any spelling mistakes?

  • Are the questions clear? If registrants are confused, it's likely you'll lose registrations.

  • If you charge registration fees, check verify the amounts are correct. We recommend completing a test payment so you are familiar with the entire registration process.

To preview and test your registration form:

  1. In the Event Manager App > Registrations section > Forms tab, edit the form you wish to test and publish.

  2. In the Publish tab, click the Preview button in the toolbar, or the Preview Form button in the Publish Status area.

Publish your form (make it live!)

Once you have previewed and testing your registration form, the next step is to publish it so that registrants can use it to sign up for your event. 

To publish a registration form:

  1. Open the Event Manager App and go to the Forms section.

  2. In the Form Designer, select the Publish tab.

  3. Click the Publish button.

  4. To view how the form will appear to registrants, click the View Live Form button in the Publish Status area.

Your registration form will then be published (made live) and will be displayed on your Event Portal under the Register page like so:  

NOTE: Private forms are not displayed on the Register page of the Event Portal. They must be accessed directly using the form's Share Link (found in the Form Designer > Publish tab > Share Link ).

Editing forms once they have been published

Once a form has been published, the following editing considerations and restrictions will apply:

  • Any existing Availability Periods on your form will become read-only. To change an Availability Period after a form has been published, unpublish the form, hide the old Availability Period, and then add a new one. 

  • To add, delete or edit registration Fees, you'll need to unpublish the form first. If you change the price of a fee after a registration payment is received, an average unit price will be displayed in the Actuals > Unit Cost field in your event budget. 

  • Renaming a form field by changing the Short Field Name (Id) property is not allowed.

  • CAUTION: Be aware that if a registrant is currently in the process of filling out and submitting a registration, AND you modify the registration form during this time, the registrant may experience a submission error that will prevent them from completing their registration. This can commonly occur for example if a new required field is added to a registration form. 

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