So, you've set up a form with your standard fee pricing that you intend the majority of your registrants should pay. However, you may have some special cases where you would like to offer a discounted fee to certain registrants (e.g. Sponsors, VIPs, etc...).

Special Access Fees allow you to offer different pricing without having to setup separate private registration forms. When you create a Special Access Fee, a private link is created that you can then share only with those registrants that you are offering the special price.

Create A Special Access Fee

To create a Special Access Fee:

  • Add a new fee to your form. 

  • Select the desired Payment Mode

  • Uncheck the Visible field to hide the fee so it's not visible to regular registrants. 

  • Next, click on the Allow Special Access check box. The Special Access Link field will become visible.

Share A Special Access Fee

After enabling the Allow Special Access checkbox, the Special Access Link field will be displayed.  Copy and share this link with only those registrants that you want to offer the special pricing. You can email the link to any registrant you wish, or share link through social media. 

IMPORTANT: Anyone who has the Special Access Link can use the special pricing to register for your event, so keep this in mind when deciding who to share the Special Access Link with.

Claiming A Special Access Fee

Only when the Special Access Link is used to open the registration form, will the Special Access Fee be shown in the list of fees. Special Access Fees are easily identifiable on a registration form by the green "Special Access" tag. Once selected, the registration process is just like any other registration, except for the special pricing.

Disable a Special Access Fee

To stop using a special access fee, open the form containing the fee and edit the desired Special Access Fee. In the Fee Editor, simply uncheck the Allow Special Access checkbox. 

Form Limits on Special Access

All form display rules and/or form capacity limitations are enforced when the form is accessed using the Special Access Link.  In other words, the Special Access Link is intended only as access to special pricing. Special Access Fees won't allow access if the form is not published, open or registration capacities are met.

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