Filters are a quick way to select a subset of the list. There are three filters in the Todo list. Their effects are additive and the list will show items that match all filter criteria. Additionally, the filters will be remembered, if you have a favorite view, select your filter settings and ClearEvent remembers your settings.

  • Show - Allows you to filter by the following attributes: "Done", due, overdue, estimated and actual effort, assigned and unassigned.
  • Area - Allows filtering on the area of the event that the item applies to.
  • Assigned - Filter by event team members.


Click the Todo or the Due headings to change the sort order of the list. Each click toggles the order from ascending to descending, then back again. 

Search looks in every field in every todo item making it easy to find any todo by keyword. The list updates as you type each character of your search.

Pinning, and other Todo actions

There are four buttons above the details section of each Todo which allow you to take action on that Todo.

  • Done (check mark) - Marks this Todo as done. The button will turn green. Click again to uncheck the done indicator.
  • Pin - Pin this Todo at the top of the list of Todos. Click again to unpin.
  • Delete - Deletes this Todo from the list. You can quick-delete (by suppressing the delete confirmation prompt) by holding the SHIFT key and then click the red delete button.
  • Save - Save your edits to this Todo.

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