ClearEvent's Budget section enables you, and your team, to manage and track revenue and expenses for your whole event.


ClearEvent's integrated Budget goes beyond spreadsheets by taking care of tracking, and aggregation, of revenue & expenses traditionally associated with managing an event budget. 

Integrated features like Smart Budget Line Items free you and your team to focus on delivering a great event, without sacrificing accuracy or clarity around the financial state of your event.
ClearEvent's Budget section has everything you need to allow your team to stay on top of event financials.
ClearEvent's Budget section automatically tracks registration fees received. Your event team can update budgeted and actuals amounts for their part of the Budget, and the Budget automatically rolls it all up and shows the latest information. 

You no longer need to spend hours reconciling spreadsheets!
You can quickly import your existing budget and actuals to get going. It's easy to make edits and changes so the data exactly matches your event. As needed, you can export your budget and actuals for use in accounting systems.

Key Budget Elements and Concepts

This is a typical view of an event Budget in the early stages of planning an event.

Four main Columns:

  • Descriptions - line item descriptions always appear on the left most column.
  • Budgeted amounts - This is where you capture your budgeted amounts for quantity (Qty) and Unit Costs
  • Actuals - These are the actual revenue and expense items for your current event.
  • Difference - This is an active comparison of Actual vs. Budget.

Three main Rows:

  • Header or Roll-up - This section at the top of the budget is always visible. It aggregates all the details for an overall roll-up of total revenue and expenses for the budget and actuals.
  • Revenue - Items in this section are all treated as revenue (money flowing in to your event)
  • Expenses - Items in this section are all treated as expenses (money flowing out of your event)

Three line Item types:

  • Budget Line Items - Each line item is an entry for a revenue or expense item. You have complete flexibility in naming line items. Use the Budget column to enter expected values for this item and the Actuals column for actual amounts for this item.
  • Categories - These are groupings of Budget Line Items. Categories can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the '+' or '-' at the left side of the Category. Each Category aggregates and displays the line items contained under it.
  • Smart Budget Line Items - These are special budget line items that update automatically as you receive paid registrations.

Smart Budget Line Items

Smart Budget Line Items save you time and money by connecting the registration process with your event Budget and Dashboard. Say goodbye to wondering what is happening with registration and registration revenue!

Who has access to the Budget?

You have complete control over who on your event team can access the Budget section of the Event Manager App using our role-based security features

Budget Rollover - Ready for next time!

When your event is over, your event team can roll it over so that your budget will be ready for next time. 

IMPORTANT: When you roll your event over, your event budget will carry forward and all actuals will be reset, ready for the new event.

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