Adding a new TODO item is easy. Simply click the + Add button at the top left of the TODO list.
You can then fill out as much detail as you need to track this item. Remember, it may not be you that takes care of this item next time the event is run so make sure to provide enough detail for next time round.
 Only the Description is required. You can also specify the following details:

  • Due date - a best practice to enable tracking and measuring of your progress.
  • Assigned To - Select from a list of event admins.
  • Area - used to group todo items together for a particular part of the event.
  • Effort (Est.) - Estimated effort. Indicate how long you expect the task to take to complete.
  • Effort (Actual) - Actual amount of time the task took to complete.
  • Comments - a good place for notes and additional details.
  • When Event Rolls Over - Determine how this item will be treated when the event is rolled over. More details how TODOs are handled found here.
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