Great events are all about managing all the details! Your event TODO list is a core asset for your event team.

Some event teams are more organized than others, but the ones that get the best results for their time are the ones that know what needs to be done and they work together to ensure everything gets done, on time so their event comes together and is a great success.

There are so many items that need to be taken care of by the event team. Event teams need to make sure that items don't get dropped or done more than once. It's easy when you're a "lone wolf" but planning and running an event with a team requires coordination and the ability to tell what is done and what needs attention.
ClearEvent's TODO section is all about making sure your event team knows what needs to be done and how the team is doing. The following is a typical event TODO list in ClearEvent:

ClearEvent's TODO section allows your whole event team to combine every item that needs to get done on your event, while preserving the ability to just work with your own TODO items. The following features enable event teams to plan and run their event and know what needs to be done at any time.

How effective event teams use TODO lists

Use the following methods to get the most from your efforts and from your team's efforts...

1. Put all your todo items into TODO's

It's easy to enter all the todo items into TODOs. You can import your existing list of todo items or add new todo items as they come up.
Now all your todos and all of your team mate's todos are in one place, you can review the list as a team to make sure nothing is missed or duplicated. Along the way the team can make sure that every todo item is assigned to a member of the team and assign any "orphaned items" to someone so nothing gets lost.

2. Use the Dashboard to see what's next

The event dashboard shows the next most important todo items. You can easily see progress of your whole team as items are progressivley checked off the list.

3. Get your own stuff done, but work as a team

When all your TODO's are entered into ClearEvent, you have the best of both worlds - you can see what you need to do and you have visibility to the work of your event team. Use the Assigned filter to see your todos, or the todos that are assigned to your fellow team members.
As you take care of each item, check it off in TODOs. You can see progress on your list and your team can too.

4. Swap items from time to time

When someone is not available (e.g. out sick), other team members can keep the event moving forward. By having the event TODO's in one place, the risk is greatly reduced that something will be forgotten or delayed when one of your team members is out for any reason.

5. Once your TODOs are setup, you can use them again!

A great work-saving aspect of ClearEvent is our rollover feature. When your event is over, you can use the Rollover Event feature to reset your TODO list so it's ready for next time you run your event! 

All of your TODOs are reset and adjusted, ready for next time. No need to redo all the due dates, or enter a new list of TODO items. ClearEvent takes care of that for you. 

Learn more about rollover here.

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