Security Roles control what each event team member can access in the Event Manager App.

NOTE: You must have been assigned either the Event Owner role or Event Admin role to set event team security roles.

Where do I set Security Roles?

To configure and assign Security Roles go to the Event Manager App > Event Setup > Admin tab. You'll see a list of Event Administrators that will contain the list of your event team members.

Each event team member (that has accepted their invite) will have a Roles button enabled. Clicking the Roles button will open a dialog where you you can set the security roles for the selected Event Manager.

What Security Roles are available?

Click the Roles button to see which security roles have been applied to each team member. In the Edit Roles for Event Administrator dialog, details for each security role can be seen by clicking the ā€œiā€ button to right of the role description in the Details column:

When assigning security roles, you can choose more than one. Security roles are additive ā€“ meaning the team member will be able to access features in the Event Manager App based on the combined set of assigned security roles.

The following image shows the various application functionality that each role can access within the Event Manager App.

Event Manager App Security Roles

R=Read Only, W=Read and Write access.

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