The Event Overview Widget is a quick way to check on several key areas affecting the setup and status of your event. Each line is explained below.

Event Overview Indicator Lines

Payment Status

This indicator shows the status of your payment connection to Stripe. You can configure your payment gateway to either be in test-mode or live-mode when it comes to accepting payments.

When in test-mode, the indicator will be Yellow and you’ll be able to try out any of your registration forms that accept payments without worrying about your card being charged. 

When in live-mode, the indicator will be Green and any credit card used to register for an event will always be charged.

Click the words "Payment Status" to go directly to the Payment section to ensure your connection to Stripe is properly connected.

IMPORTANT: To accept payments, the "Payment Status" indicator needs to show “Live” (green).

Event Portal

This indicator shows whether the Event Portal is Open or Closed. To properly serve your participants, your Event Portal must be open. 

Yellow indicates that your Event Portal is closed and participants cannot access it. Green indicates that your Event Portal is open and participants will be able to access it.

Click the "Event Portal" link to jump over to Event Setup section where you can open or close the Event Portal as needed.


This section shows a breakdown of how many forms are open (published and currently able to accept registrations) and how many forms have been published (ready to accept registrations but are not open).

  • Open – This indicator shows how many of your registration forms will accept registrations, if published.

  • Published – This shows how many of your registration forms are published.

  • Approvals Needed – This indicator shows the number of pending registrations requiring manual approvals.

    Click the "Approvals Needed" link to jump to a list of registrations requiring manual approval.

    Yellow indicates approvals are needed. Green indicates no approvals are needed.

To manage any of these forms, click the "Open" or "Published" links to jump over to the Forms section.


This section shows a breakdown of ticket configuration and ticket sales.

  • Mobile Ticket Check-In - Shows if Mobile Ticket Check-In is enabled for this event. Click the link to go to the Ticket Settings section to enable/disable this feature as needed.

  • Sold - The total number of tickets sold (excludes canceled tickets).

  • Checked-In - The total number of ticket holders that are current checked-in to the event.

This section shows details about the number of sponsors added and published to the Event Portal.

  • Created - The total number of sponsors added to the Sponsors section.

  • Published - The total number of sponsors that have been published and are visible on the Event Portal.

Schedules Published

This section shows the number of schedules that have been published for this event. 

Click the "Schedules Published" link to jump to the list of schedules for this event.

Yellow indicates not all schedules are published. Green indicates all available schedules have been published.

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