The Event Dashboard provides your event team with a complete view of their event status. Gone are the long nights spent trying to cross check payments transactions with your registration list, or checking in with your team to see what's been done. With the Event Dashboard, it's now right in front of you!

The Event Dashboard is shown when you first load the Event Manager App.

At any time, you can learn more about any of the widgets shown by simply hovering your cursor over any of the widget titles to see the green help button:

To refresh the dashboard, simply click the Refresh button in the App Toolbar (top-right) to ensure you have the most up to date information.

Important details at a glance!

ClearEvent uses an easy-to-understand system of Green/Yellow/Red, along with the data and settings you have entered in ClearEvent, to clearly indicate on the Dashboard which parts of your event are doing well, and which parts need attention.

All parts of the Dashboard allow you to drill-down to investigate further or get more information on any item. Simply click on the item you’re interested in and you’ll navigate straight to the area of the Event Manager that has the information you need.

Widgets, widgets and more widgets!

The dashboard contains many useful widgets that display summary information about your event. You can click any of the following links for more details about the different widgets used on the Event Dashboard:

  • Event Countdown

  • Budget

  • Event Overview

  • Registrant Status

  • TODO Summary

  • Event Alerts

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