You'll need a ClearEvent Account to sign in to the ClearEvent platform and access the events you attend or manage. Your ClearEvent Account is a personal account so you shouldn't share it with anyone else.

If you don't already have an account, don't sweat! Creating a ClearEvent Account is quick and free. You'll be asked to create a ClearEvent Account when:

  1. You register to participant in any event that is run with ClearEvent. 
  2. You've been invited to help manage an event run with ClearEvent. You'll have a chance to create a new ClearEvent Account when you accept the invite.
  3. You create your own new event to manage with ClearEvent.

Manually creating a ClearEvent Account

If you simply can't wait or just want to create a separate account, you can do so without having to register for an event or wait for an invite. You can create a new ClearEvent Account manually by following these steps:

  • Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Email. Use any email address that you own as your username. You can always change this information later.
  • Choose a New Password. At a minimum it must be at least 6 characters and no more than 30 characters. You can read our guidelines for creating strong passwords here.
  • Click Register
  • Once you’ve registered with ClearEvent, the My Events page will load. The events list will be empty as your new account is not attending or managing any events yet. 
  • To create a new event, click the + Create Event button.
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