The Worksheet view offers a complete grid view of all registrants and their registration answers for a given Registrant Type. The worksheet view provides an efficient way to sort, filter and display your registrant data.  

Worksheet basics

The Worksheet grid allows you to view registration data for only one Registrant Type at time. To choose which Registrant Type to view, click on the Show drop-down and select the desired Registrant Type from the list.

NOTE: You must first add registration forms and have received registrations before data will appear in the Worksheet grid.

What does the Worksheet contain?   

The worksheet is a tabular view of your event's registration data. Based on how you have set up your registration form, the following information may be displayed in the worksheet grid:

  • User Profile fields - only those user profile fields that you have enabled on the form for this participant type will be visible.

  • Availability Periods - if any, each availability period defined on the form will have its own column.

  • Products Purchased - if any, each product available on the form will have its own column.

  • Custom form fields - if any, the registrant's response to each custom field that you added to your form will be displayed in its own column. The column header will show the Short Field Name that you entered when the field was created.

  • Payment Details - if any, payment details will be displayed in multiple columns.

  • Registration Status - the current registration status of the registrant (e.g. Pending, Approved, Cancelled, Declined)

  • Other Misc Fields - there are some additional fields that are system generated.   These include:    
    Ref # - a unique identifier for each registration.
    Signup Date - the Date the registration was received.
    Test Participant -  this will show "Yes" for any registrations received where an online payment was collected when your event payment gateway was in TEST mode.

Worksheet Header - like with most common spreadsheet tools, the header row is where you can control the view/display parameters.   The header label for each column uses the Short Field Name value that you entered when you added the field to your form.

Locked Columns -  you can lock/freeze columns so that important columns are always visible on the screen. In the example below, all columns to the left of the vertical lock-line will remain on the screen.

To lock/unlock a column, click on the down arrow (1) in the header for the column and select the Lock or Unlock option (2) in the drop-down.

The newly locked column will automatically be moved to the left the Lock Line.    
If a column is unlocked, then it will automatically be moved to the right of the Lock Line.

Reorder Columns - to change the order the columns are displayed,  use your mouse and simply select the column header you want to move and drag-and-drop the column to where you would like it to appear.   If you move it to a location left of the Lock Line then the column will automatically become locked/frozen.

Resize Columns - to change the width of a column, from within the header row, select the column's right edge and adjust the width.   Once you have selected the edge the mouse pointer will change the resize pointer.

Selecting a Row - to view the details of any registrant, select the row for the desired registrant and click on the "pencil" icon in the Edit column.  This will open the Registrant Detail screen and allow you to edit the associated registration.

Show/hide columns

To control which columns are being displayed, follow these three steps

  1. Click the down arrow in the header of any existing column.  

  2. Select Columns in the drop-down.  The complete list of available columns will be displayed.

  3. Check the columns that you want to display.  Un-check those that you want to hide.

Sort the worksheet grid

The worksheet grid can be sorted by any single column, in ascending or descending order. 

Note: you can sort using any visible column, both locked and unlocked.

Default Sort Order - when first loaded the grid is sorted by the date/time the registration was received, with the most recent registrations on top.  Click on the column header of the column you wish to use to sort the grid.  The grid will be sorted in ascending order, as shown by the triangle indicator.   

Clicking on a column header a second time will change the sort order of that column to Descending.

Clicking on the column header a third time will turn off the sort for the selected column and the sort order will return to the default sort order.


It's possible to filter the grid by contents of one or multiple columns.   

  1. Click the drop-down arrow in the header of any column.

  2. Select "Filter" from the drop-down.

3. Choose the filter criteria.   

4. Enter the desired value.
5. And click Filter

Once set the filtered column(s) will be highlighted in orange, in addition to the "Filtered" tag.

Remove a filter

To reset the filter for a single column, follow these three steps:

  1. Click the drop down arrow in the header of any column.

  2. Select "Filter" from the drop-down.

  3. Click on "Clear".

Remove ALL filters

To remove all existing filters, click on the " X " in the Filtered tag

Remembering your worksheet display settings

Once you have configured all these view parameters, it would be a shame if they were all reset the next time you launched the Registration module.  Well, you don't have to worry about that because the current state of the Worksheet is automatically saved.  In other words, the ClearEvent app will remember all of your settings the next time you come back to the same worksheet.  However, these settings are "device-specific" and are only saved for the current user in their current browser.  Other members of your team will need to create their own view parameters.

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