If you already have a list of event sponsors that you would like to import into ClearEvent to display on your Event Portal > Sponsors page, you can easily import this list into the Sponsors section of ClearEvent.

To import Sponsors:

  1. Go to Event Manager App > Sponsors section > Sponsors tab.

  2. Click the Import button.

  3. The Import sponsor dialog has two buttons - Select .CSV file and Get the Template.

  4. Click Get the Template to download an example .CSV Excel file that is exactly the right format for importing sponsors into ClearEvent. Don't change any of the headings as these are used by ClearEvent in the import process.

  5. Add your sponsors to be imported to the template, one row per sponsor. It's okay if you don't have all the information on every sponsor, that is very common for many events. The minimum required to import a sponsor is the SponsorName and SponsorLevelName fields.

  6. Save your file. It is important to keep the .CSV extension.

  7. Now your file is ready for import. Click Select .CSV file, and browse to select your .csv file that contains your sponsors to be imported. Click OK.

  8. Your sponsors will be imported! When done, the indicator will show green 100% with the name of your file.

  9. If there are any problems with the data being imported, the details will be shown in the dialog and the import will be canceled. Use the details found in the import error message to correct the information in the import file.

  10. You can import additional sponsor import files as needed.

Sponsor Import Tips

  • Use the Sponsor Import Template as a starting point. It has the correct column names and some sample rows to get you started. Be sure to replace the sample rows with your own data before importing the file.

  • The SponsorName and SponsorLevelName fields are required for every record.

  • Each time you import a file with sponsors, a new sponsor will be created. Importing the same file twice will create duplicate sponsors.

  • By default, sponsors that are imported will immediately be published to your Event Portal > Sponsors page.

    • If you wish to review or edit imported sponsors before displaying them on your Event Portal > Sponsors page, go to the Event Manager App > Sponsors section > Settings tab and turn off the Enable Sponsors checkbox until you are ready. Alternately, you can close your Event Portal until you are ready.

  • A new Sponsor Level will be created in ClearEvent to group sponsors for each unique SponsorLevelName value found in the import file. If an existing Sponsor Level with the same name already exists, the sponsor being imported will be placed into the existing Sponsor Level.

  • The Description field cannot contain Carriage Returns or Line Feeds (CR/LF) characters or the file will fail to import. The description must be entered into a single line.

  • Importing sponsor logos or banner images is not supported by the import feature. You can manually upload sponsor logo or banner images for any imported sponsor once the import is complete by editing each sponsor.

  • If you have set up registration forms to sell sponsorship for your event, you can export registration details for your sponsors from the Event Manager App > Registration section > Registrants tab, and then copy the desired sponsor information over into the Sponsor Import Template to quickly import sponsors.

Important: Not all subscription plans support this feature. 
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