How to configure sponsor settings:

To control how sponsors are displayed on your Event Portal, go to the Event Manager App > Sponsors section > Settings tab. Adjust the following settings:

  • Enable Sponsors: Show or hide the "Sponsors" button on the Event Portal.

  • Custom Page Label: Modify this value to rename the default "Sponsors" button on your Event Portal to be something more meaningful to your event (e.g. "Exhibitors", "Partners", "Friends", "Supporter", etc...).

  • Banner Rotator: Controls which Event Portal pages the banner rotator will be displayed on. You can display your own custom event ads for each sponsor by uploading sponsor-specific ad images.

Example of custom event sponsor banner ad
  • Sponsor Slider: Controls which Event Portal pages the sponsor logo slider will be displayed on.

    Sponsor Slider Label: Allows you to change the default "Our Sponsors" heading displayed above the sponsor slider.

  • Show Sponsor Link: When enabled, allows you to show a customizable "Become a Sponsor" link that directs visitors to the appropriate sponsor registration page (optional).

Become a sponsor settings
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