If a form has been enabled to receive payments, you'll need to define the fees you'd like to charge when registrants sign up for your event.

Adding a new fee

To add a new fee, make sure the form is not published and then simply click on the + Add a Fee button. You'll have the option to select the payment mode that you would like to use for this fee:

NOTE: You can only have one payment mode for each fee.   However, there is no limits to how many different fees you can have on each registration form, so if you would like to provide your registrants different options they simply create a separate fee corresponding to each desired Payment mode.

For more details on these payment modes, click on these topics:

Fee Fields

Short Name - a title, brief name or abbreviation that will help you quickly identify this fee.   This is how this fee will be shown in the Event budget

Description - the details of the registration fee that will be shown to registrants during the registration process, so be specific - what is include, any restrictions, etc.  If your event is required to collect taxes, then this is where you can tell registrants what tax rules are being applied.

Early / Standard / Late Fee - enter the amount that Event wished to collect, at each stage, if you have setup Early or Late pricing, including any applicable taxes.   When using Online payment mode, a service charge is applicable.   For more information ClearEvent Service Charges and how they are calculated, click here. For the Manual payment modes, On-Site or Offline, there will be NO service charge.

Payment Instructions - will be displayed to your registrants during the registration process, so it's an opportunity to provide additional information, such as, Mail your payment to the Event Address before March 31, or your registration will be cancelled.
Visible - Use this check to indicate if this Fee should be displayed on your form.  

Special Access Fees - give you the ability to create a special price for selected registrants. Click here for info on Special Access Fees.

Editing Fees

Once a form has been published, editing restrictions apply. To add, copy or delete fees, first unpublish the form using the Publish tab.

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