As an event organizer, you should consider configuring ClearEvent to send automatic reminders to your registrants as your event approaches. Automated event reminders are a great way to generate excitement and keep your attendees engaged with your event. They also help to ensure that registrants don’t forget about your event.

Separate event reminders and schedules can be set up for each registration form you create.

How To Enable Reminders For A Registration Form

  • Open the Event Manager App and go to the Registration > Forms section and edit an existing form.

  • Select the Reminders tab and check Enabled Reminder. For new registration forms, this is enabled by default.

  • Adjust the Send Reminder setting to choose when you would like to send the reminder to registrants of the selected form.

  • Set the optional Reply-To Email and Reply-To Name to configure where any replies to the reminder email will be sent.

  • Set the Reminder Subject to customize the default email subject line.

  • Set the Reminder Message to customize the message that will be included in the email reminder. We recommend including any important on-site details that may be helpful for the registrant to know, like any check-in procedures, event announcements, or things to remember to bring.

Mobile Check-In

If the Settings tab > Allow Mobile Check-In setting is enabled for the registration form, a scannable QR Code and a customizable Check-In Message will also be included in the reminder email.

The QR Code can be scanned by the Mobile Check-in App on-site to quickly check-in a registrant.

Click here to learn more about the Mobile Check-In App.

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