By adding Sponsors to ClearEvent, you can help connect your event Sponsors brands to your audience. Sponsors you add will be shown on your Event Portal in the Sponsors page.

Sponsor Page

If you've configured the Event Portal to show the Sponsors page (see Event Manager App > Sponsors section > Settings tab), then you'll notice a "Sponsors" button on the Event Portal Home page.

All published sponsors will be shown in the order defined on the Sponsors section > Sponsor tab.

Sponsor Details Page

Clicking on any sponsor will open the sponsor details page. This will display a sponsor profile containing all of the information entered for that Sponsor, including the Contact Info, Social Links, Website and Special Offers, if any.

Banner Ad Images

If you've configured the Event Portal to show Banner Images (Sponsors section > Settings tab), they will be displayed at the top the Event Portal page(s). A banner image will be chosen from the list of Published sponsors and shown each time a page containing a banner image is loaded. 

Sponsor Slider Logos

If you've configured the Event Portal to show the Sponsor Slider (Sponsors section > Settings tab), it will be displayed at the bottom of the Event Portal page(s). All your Published sponsors with a logo and the Show in Slider field set to true (Edit a sponsor > General tab) will be shown. If there's more than 4 logos, the control will scroll through each page of logos every 5 seconds.

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