Managing Image resolutions

The supported image types include GIF, JPEG, and PNG formats. To have your sponsor's logos look best on the Event Portal, use this guidelines for each section:

  • Sponsor Logo: 430 x 215 pixels.
  • Banner image for Desktop/Tablet: 728 x 90 pixels.
  • Banner image for Mobile: 300 x 90 pixels.

Show off the logos with various sizes

  • Use the built-in functionality to change the sponsor level logo sizes with options of Small, Medium, and Large. Shown below is an example of a large image selected:

Have the Event Portal help sign up new sponsors

  • Use the sponsors functionality found in Sponsors > Settings tab to Show Sponsor Link.
  • You can specify the wording for the link and where it goes; either to a ClearEvent registration form or a custom link.

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