If an event requires payment to buy Tickets or to Register for their event, or you're signing up for a paid ClearEvent subscription plan, you'll be asked to supply some payment details during the checkout process. 

Before you proceed, make sure to have your payment card ready (Credit Card or Debit Card).

At checkout, you'll be asked to enter some payment/credit card details to complete your order. The payment details requested can vary and depend on the card type you will use to pay.

Typically, the payment details needed will include:

  • Name on Card (Cardholder Name)

  • Card Number

  • Expiry Date (Good Thru)

  • CVC Code (sometimes also called a CVV code).

  • ZIP/Postal Code of the card holder or business (for business cards)

The area where you will fill in your payment details will looks like so:

Use the following guide to see how each element of a typical credit card maps to the required payment fields. 

NOTE: Depending on the card type entered, some payment details may not be requested from you (e.g. ZIP/Postal code, Name on Card, ...).

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