The ClearEvent Event Manager App allows basic formatting for certain text fields within the system using our rich-text editor. This allows you to apply formatting to text that is displayed on your Event Portal.

A Note About Formatting Text

Generally, we recommend that you format text sparingly. Overuse of formatting can make text hard to read or can interfere with how the information is presented within the Event Manager App or Event Portal.

Fields in the Event Manager App that support markdown will display the editor toolbar above the field as shown here:

Additionally, you cannot change the color, size, or font type that the system uses.

Getting Started

When working with fields that support Markdown, click the edit mode button (shown below) to put the editor into Markdown mode:

You can now directly make changes using Markdown formatting.

Basic Formatting

*some italic text*

**some bold text**

***some bold italic text***

~~some text with a strikethrough~~


Create headings to help separate and name sections of text. Headings will appear as large bolded text.

# My Heading 1

## My Heading 2


By default, simple links (e.g. "") and email addresses will be automatically hyper-linked. 

If you wrap a valid URL in <> it will be turned into a link whose text is the link itself.

link to <>

If you want to show an email address as a link use this format. NOTE: This syntax does not use the <> characters:

this is my email

If you need more control over the link text, you may use the following markdown syntax:

[Click Here](


To quote something use this syntax:

The quote

> Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known

has been ascribed to Carl Sagan.


Unordered Lists:
Creates a simple bulleted list.

* My Bulleted List Item
* My Bulleted List Item

Ordered Lists:
Created a numbered list.

1. My Numbered List Item One
2. My Numbered List Item Two

Nested Lists
You can create nested lists by indenting list items by four spaces.

1.  Item 1
    1. A corollary to the above item.
    2. Yet another point to consider.
2.  Item 2
    * A corollary that does not need to be ordered.
    * This is indented four spaces
    * You might want to consider making a new list.
3.  Item 3

To nest a third (or more) sublist level, you need to indent 4 extra spaces (or 1 extra tab) for each level.

1.  level 1
    1.  Level 2
        *   Level 3
    2.  level 2
        1.  Level 3
2.  Level 2

Horizontal Rule

A horizontal rule (or line) can be useful to break up large sections of text to improve readability.


Inline Code

This is my `inline code` example.

Code Block

My Code Block Line 1
My Code Block Line 2
NOTE: Use ` instead of '


Publicly hosted images can be embedded in markdown.

![Sample Alt Text]( "A simple title for the image")


  • The image should be resized to the desired display width & height before saving to a publicly hosted location. Attempting to resize images by specifying image size information in markdown is not currently supported by the Markdown editor.
  • Any image formatting (cropping, editing, touch-ups, etc.) should be done prior to saving the image to a publicly hosted location.

Full Markdown Syntax

ClearEvent supports a specific flavor of Markdown called CommonMark. The full syntax can be found below. 

NOTE: This is a technical spec:

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