How To Issue A Ticket Order Refund:

  • Open the ClearEvent Event Manager App and go to the Tickets section > Ticket Orders tab.
  • Locate the Ticket Order that you wish to issue the refund for and click Edit.

  • Click on the Issue Refund.


  • You can now setup the refund by following these steps:
  1. Select a reason for the refund (optional).
  2. Edit the message to the Ticket Buyer. You can also add a private (internal) note about this refund). (optional)
  3. Chose to refund and/or cancel the ticket. You can also edit the amount refunded per ticket up to the amount shown in Available To Refund. The amount can be anything above 0. The default behaviour will be to do a full refund and cancel the ticket when checking off to refund a ticket.
  4. If you want to refund at the order level (e.g. give a % off the order rather than any specific ticket) then input it in Other Amount To Refund.
  5. Click Issue Refund and review the amount to be refunded before submitting the transaction.

NOTE: You can also quickly issue a full refund using the toggle called Issue a full refund? This will default to refund and cancel all tickets in the order at the full amount available to refund. You can not edit the amount to refund per ticket if choosing this option. You can choose not to cancel a ticket always.

Stripe Processing Charges

For Stripe accounts created after Sept 14th, 2017, the Stripe Processing Charge is non-refundable. The event will be responsible for covering these fees when issuing a full refund. For all newly created Stripe accounts this will now be the default refund behavior.

For Stripe accounts created prior to Sept 14th, 2017, the Stripe Processing Charge will be refunded. For full refunds, the Stripe Processing Charge will be completely refunded.  For partial refunds, the amount Stripe refunds is based on the partial refund amount entered.

ClearEvent Service Charges

ClearEvent Service Charges are non-refundable and must always be covered by the event.

Refund Processing Times

Typically refunds take 5-10 business days before they will appear on the ticket buyers credit card statement. You'll want to let the ticket buyer know that the refund has been issues and when they can expect the refund.

Keep Your Budget In Sync

The budget will automatically track refunds done and include a line in the Expenses as shown below:

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