For online payments, ClearEvent cannot automatically collect payment installments. However, by using the Offline payments feature ClearEvent can support the workflow necessary to collect & track multiple payment installments manually.

For example, lets say your event charges exhibitors a registration fee of $3,000. While most registrants (exhibitors) will choose to pay this amount all at once using an online payment method, you may have some registrants who wish to pay in installments (for example 2 installments of $1,500).

TIP: We generally recommend that you encourage all registrants to pay online in-full, and that you use hidden fees to hide any offline payment options you wish to offer.

Using hidden offline Special Access Fees to collect payment installments

For the few registrants wishing to pay in installments, here's how you can use hidden offline Special Access Fees to collect & track their payments in ClearEvent:

  • Go to the Event Manager App > Registration section,

  • Edit the registration form that you want to add a payment installment option for.

  • Select the Fees tab. Next, you will add two fees.

  • Add a new Online registration fee that will be visible by default to all registrants when they sign up online. Set the Payment Mode to "Online", then set Standard Fee to the full amount you wish to collect (e.g."$3,000"). 

  • Add a new hidden Offline Special Access registration fee. This fee will be used by those wishing to pay installments and will only be available to registrants that you have shared the Special Access Link with. The image below shows how to add this Special Access Fee Set the Payment Mode to "Offline (Manual)", set Standard Fee to the full amount you wish to collect (e.g. "$3,000"), check the Allow Special Access checkbox.

  • For any registrant that wishes to sign up using an installment plan, email them the hidden offline Special Access Link to allow them to choose the installment plan fee when they checkout. 

  • After clicking on a Special Access Link, here's what the registrant would see:

  • Add two hidden "office-use" fields to your Exhibitor Registration form that you can use to track which payment installments have been received. Click Save to save your changes.

  • After the registrant submits the registration form, you'll then be able to edit their registration in the Participants section > Registration tab and update the hidden office-use fields once payment has been received and has cleared.

  • Once all payments have been received, edit the participant registration and select the Payment tab and check the "Payment Received" checkbox. The full amount received will then appear in your event Budget and the participant will be displayed as having submitted their full payment.

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