At times, you may need to conditionally show or hide fields or products that are displayed on your registration forms. ClearEvent allows you to do this using a feature called Fee Groups.

Fee Groups allow you to tag Fees that you have setup on your registration forms so that when a Fee is selected, specific fields and products added to your registration form can be automatically shown or hidden.

This is useful if you need to tailor questions on your registration form to a specific type of registrant. For example, when you are signing up different types of vendors (e.g. food vendor, retail vendor, etc.) and you need to ask different questions depending on vendor type.

How To Assign A Fee Group To a Fee

To enable Fee Group filtering, you'll first need to add some registration Fees to your form before you can assign a Fee Group to a Fee.

Step 1: Add a fee

  • Go to the Event Manager App > Registration section > Forms tab.

  • Click +Add to add a new Form, or click the Edit button to edit an existing form.

  • In the Form Designer, click on the Fees tab. 

  • Add one or more Fees. 

Step 2: Add fee groups

  • Edit a Fee

  • To assign a Fee Group to the Fee,  from the Fee Group section, click + Add to create a new Fee Group, or choose from a previously added Fee Group.

  • Click OK.

You have now assigned Fee Groups to your Fees. 

In the example below, you'll see we've added a unique Fee Group ("Food" and "Retail") to each Fee.

An added benefit of applying Fee Groups is that Fees with the same Fee Group will be grouped together when presented on your Event Portal Mobile App. This can make finding the desired Fee easier when there are many Fees to choose from.

Next, we'll set up Fee Group Filters on our form fields.

How to apply Fee Group Filters to form fields

Next, by applying Fee Group Filters to fields on our registration form we can customize which fields are presented to the registrants depending on the Fee they selected.

To set up Fee Group Filters on your fields:

  1. Go to the Registration section > Forms tab, and edit a form to open the Form Designer

  2. In the Fields tab, add a new field or select an existing field from the registration form. This will display the Field Settings editor. 

  3. Scroll down and expand the DISPLAY settings group. 

  4. In the DISPLAY > Fee Group Filters settings, choose which Fee Groups must be selected in order for field to be visible to the registrant.

  5. You'll notice that a blue tag will be displayed for the field to indicate that a Fee Group Filter has been applied.

  6. You may apply multiple Fee Group Filters to a single field if needed.

  7. To allow all registrants to always see a field, leave the Fee Group Filters field setting empty.

Now, when a registrant selects either the "Food Vendor" or "Roaming Food Vendor" fee during registration, they'll see only the "Food Type" field because the selected Fee has a matching Fee Group of "Food".

For example, here is the customized section of the registration form for a registrant who selected the Roaming Food Vendor fee:

And here is the same registration form for a registrant who selected a Retail Vendor fee:

How To Apply Fee Group Filters To Products

You can also apply Fee Group Filters to Products if you wish to restrict product purchases to certain Fee selections.

  1. In the Form Editor, click the Products tab.

  2. Click + Add to create a new Product or click the Edit button to edit an existing Product.

  3. In the Edit product dialog window, scroll down to the Fee Group Filters setting and select which Fee Group Filters should apply to the Product

  4. To show a Product for all fees, leave the Fee Group Filters field empty.

  5. Click OK when done.

Set the Fee Group Filter for a Product
Product Fee Group Filters

The Product will now only be shown in the Products checkout step when a fee with a matching Fee Group is selected by the registrant at checkout time.

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