Configure a registration form to charge on approval

  1. Go to the Event Manager App > Registration section > Forms tab, and edit the desired registration form.
  2. In the Form Designer > Settings tab, set Approval Mode to "Manual Approval" and then set Manual Approval Payment Mode to "Charge registrant on approval"

NOTE: When the Approval Mode setting is set to "Automatic Approval", will always charge the registrant immediately on submission.

When the Manual Approval Payment Mode is set to "Charge registrant on approval":

  • Completing the registration form is the same as for any other registration form in ClearEvent - the registrant must select the registration fee, complete the form and enter valid Credit Card information.
  • Even though Credit Card information is entered, the payment will NOT be processed on submission of the registration form. The registrant will instead receive a confirmation of submission. The payment receipt will be emailed at a later date when the registration is approved and the registrant's card is successfully charged.
  • The registration is flagged as Pending until an event manager reviews and approves or declines the registrant.

NOTE: There is no time limit on how long a registration can be in the Pending state. However, to minimize any issues with processing the Credit Card at a later date, it is
recommended that you approve & charge the registrant as soon as possible after a registration is received. 

Approve & charge a registrant

  1. Go to the Event Manager App > Registration section > Registrants tab.
  2. Select the "Pending" filter from the Show filter drop-down list.
  3. Find the registrant you wish to review, approve and charge and click Edit.

From the Registrant Details editor, select the Registration tab to review the registration. 

To approve the registration and process the payment, you can either click the Approve menu button, or select the Payment tab and click the Approve & Charge Registrant button.

This will open the Approve & Charge dialog box.

In the Approve & Charge dialog box, you have the opportunity to customize the message that is included in the email.

When you click the Approve button, the system will process the credit card payment.

If the registration is approved and the charge is successful

  • The registrant will be approved
  • The registrant's credit card will be charged
  • Payment details will be updated accordingly
  • A confirmation receipt will be emailed to the registrant, including the message you entered into the Approval Message to registrant field.   

If the registration approval or charge fails

If the registrants credit card cannot be charged (e.g. card declined, card expired, etc.) no charge will occur and the registrant's status will remain as Pending.

Resolving payment failures during approval

Click here for help resolving payment failures during approval.

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