When the approval mode for a form is Automatic, or approval mode is Manual / "Charge registrant immediately", the system will process the credit card supplied by the buyer at the time registration is submitted at the end of the checkout process.

In these scenarios, any issue causing payment failure (e.g. Your card has insufficient funds), are immediately presented to the buyer. Most commonly, the buyer will resolve the problem by re-entering their card (correctly) or entering a different card and resubmitting the registration, whereupon the payment will successfully process.

However, when using the Charge on Approval feature (Manual Approval Mode with "Charge registrant on approval" selected), it is possible that the credit card processing may fail when the registration is later approved.  The reason for failure will be displayed at the time and depending on the failure, the solutions discussed below may help to resolve the failed transaction.

Depending on the type of failure, the solution could be as simple as just approving the registration again at a later time.   In some cases, such as a restriction applied by the card holder's issuing bank, it may be necessary to contact the card holder to ask them to investigate the restriction with their financial institution. Such restrictions can be applied by issuing banks for reasons that have nothing to do with the registration charge (e.g. spending limits, purchase category restrictions, etc.).  Once resolved by the registrant, the registration can then be approved and the payment processed. 

In some cases, the registrant may need to make the payment with a different credit card.  In this case, you can either ask the registrant to sign up again with the new credit card, or update the payment details for the existing registration in Stripe. It is possible to do this by entering the card details and selecting the new card in the Stripe account dashboard for your event.

How to add a new default Credit Card to a Customer in your Stripe Account

Go to your Stripe dashboard and login using the Username and Password for your event's Stripe account.

1 - You can quickly locate the customer by entering the Stripe Customer Id (found on the Payments tab, in the Participant Details in ClearEvent) into the search box on the Stripe dashboard.

2 - Make sure you have selected the correct Stripe account, that is connected to your event in ClearEvent.
3 - Select Customers from the menu
4 - Find and select the customer wishing to change their card.    

Once you locate the customer in your Stripe account, double-click on the customer's email address to open the Customer Detail.   Now, locate the Cards section in the view.

In the Cards section, you should see the credit card supplied at the time of registration listed as the DEFAULT payment source for this customer.    

NOTE: For security reasons, the complete credit card information for a credit card supplied by the customer during the registration process is not available in Stripe.

NOTE: Handling credit card details is risky and appropriate care should be taken when manually entering credit cards in Stripe to ensure the credit card details are kept secure.

To add a new credit card, click on the "+ Add card" button, and enter the new card #, expiry date and CVC details and "Add Card". Once entered, the complete credit card number will not be available from stripe.

After entering the card details and If the credit card entered is valid, the card will be added to the list of Cards for this customer.

The original card will still be tagged as DEFAULT.  Since ClearEvent charges will be applied to the customer's DEFAULT card, make the newly added card the DEFAULT.     

To do this, click on the "Change default" button.

And simply click the radio button for the credit card you wish to make the Default card, and then click the "Change default card" button.

Now, the customer record in Stripe has been updated.   You can return to the Payments Tab for the customer in ClearEvent. Click "Approve & Charge Participant".

Assuming there are no issues with customers new credit card, the payment will be processed and Participant Details will updated accordingly in ClearEvent.   

NOTE: Any subsequent refunds made for this payment will be processed with the credit card associated with the successful payment, not the credit card initially entered by the buyer/registrant at the time of registration submission.

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