Issuing registration refunds can be required for any number of reasons. For example, having to canceling your event. ClearEvent makes it easy to issue refunds for any registration that collected online payment.

Registration refunds can be whole or partial – that is, you can refund any amount up to the full original amount of the charge paid by the registrant. You can only issue a refund in ClearEvent if the payment was received online. Since manual (offline or on-site) payments were received outside of the ClearEvent app, any refunds of those payments need to be made outside of the ClearEvent app.

NOTE: Always attempt to refund participants through ClearEvent and not using another method (e.g., cash or check). If a payment is found to be fraudulent and a dispute is received, you can lose both the disputed amount and the amount you refunded separately. By using ClearEvent to issue the refund, the original credit card used for the purchase will be refunded through Stripe.

Issuing a refund

How to avoid "Pending" refunds due to insufficient funds

Before issuing any refund, please ensure that your Stripe account has a sufficient Stripe balance available to cover the total amount your expect to refund. This will avoid any unexpected delays in refunding the registrant. 

Also, keep in mind that for Stripe accounts created after Sept 14th, 2017, both the ClearEvent Service Charge and the Stripe Processing Charge are non-refundable. This means if you are looking to refund 100% of your registration fee, you will need to cover these non-refundable charge.

For example, to issue a full refund for a $100 registration fee where the ClearEvent Service Charge is $3.05 & the Stripe Processing Charge is $3.29, your event will need to cover $6.34 (= $3.05 + $3.29) in non-refundable service charges.

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To refund a registrant:

  1. Go to the Registration section > Edit Registrant > Payment tab for the registrant you wish to refund. 

  2. Click the the Issue Refund button.

  3. Enter the amount of the refund you wish to return to the buyer.  The refund amount cannot exceed the amount of the original charge.  

  4. Choose a Refund reason. If you suspect that a charge you received my be fraudulent, please choose Fraudulent from the drop down list. This will report the charge as fraudulent to Stripe and help them to better identify and prevent future fraudulent charges).

  5. Choose a Refund action. After a refund is issued, you can specify an action to either decline or cancel the registration.  

  6. Click the Refund button to issue the refund.

Stripe Processing Charges and refunds

  • For Stripe accounts created after Sept 14th, 2017, the Stripe Processing Charge is non-refundable. The event will be responsible for covering these fees when issuing a full refund. For all newly created Stripe accounts this will now be the default refund behavior.

  • For Stripe accounts created prior to Sept 14th, 2017, the Stripe Processing Charge will be refunded. For full refunds, the Stripe Processing Charge will be completely refunded.  For partial refunds, the amount Stripe refunds is based on the partial refund amount entered. 

ClearEvent Service Charges and refunds

ClearEvent Service Charges are non-refundable and must always be covered by the event should the event wish to issue a full refund to the registrant.

Other refund tips:

  • Expired or canceled credit cards: If the credit card of the registrant that you have refunded is expired or canceled at the time of the refund, the registrant's new card will be credited with the refund. In the rare case that the registrant doesn’t have a new card, the bank will usually send the refund to the registrant's bank account.  In the worst case, the bank won’t know what to do and will send the refund back to Stripe, at which point Stripe will contact you via email to ask how you would like to handle the refund.

  • In the event you issue a refund to a registrant that results in a negative balance in your Stripe account, the refund will show as “pending”. The refund will not be sent to the registrant until your Stripe balance is repaid and brought back into the positive and the full refund amount is available (either from new charges that increase the balance on your account, or from a wire transfer to Stripe). Please see here for details based on the business country.

  • Stripe submits refunds to your customer’s bank immediately, but depending on the bank processing time, it can take anywhere from 5-10 business days to show up on your customer’s bank account. If there is insufficient funds available in your Stripe account, refunds will also be delayed until funds are added.

  • Refunds can’t be canceled. If you’d like to charge the registrant again after a refund has been issued you can ask the registrant to submit a new registration, or you can manually create a new Stripe Charge from your Stripe dashboard and associate it with the Stripe Customer.

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