This Refund Policy applies to refunds and the issuing of refunds by events which use the ClearEvent website and the ClearEvent Applications, features, and information available on the ClearEvent website (which are collectively referred to in this ClearEvent Refund Policy as the "ClearEvent Application").This ClearEvent Refund Policy (“Refund Policy”) is incorporated into, as part of, and is governed by ClearEvent’s Terms of Service. By using the ClearEvent Application, you accept the terms of this Refund Policy. If you do not agree to this Refund Policy, you may not use the ClearEvent Application.

1. Definitions

ClearEvent is referred to in this Refund Policy as "ClearEvent", "we" or "us" or "our".

The ClearEvent Application provides certain functionalities which enable events to issue to third parties refunds, returned monies, compensatory payments or other transfers of funds to third parties, and each such issuance shall be referred to as a “Refund”. Refunds may include, but are not limited to:

  • A refund of fees or payments collected by the event.
  • Cancellation payments by the event in situations where that the event cannot be held as planned.
  • Compensation payments to cover damage to property caused by or at the event.

2. Refunds

The ClearEvent Application provides certain functionalities which enable events to collect fees and payments and to make refunds of such fees and of such payments, once collected. The ClearEvent Application is configured to enable an event to make up to a full refund of monies received by the event through the ClearEvent Application, thereby reversing such payments previously received by the event through the ClearEvent Application. Events using the ClearEvent Application may refund fees and payments received via the ClearEvent Application provided that the same Stripe account that received the payment that is being refunded is connected to the ClearEvent Application at the time the refund is made. Stripe Processing Charges related to the original payment are not refundable through ClearEvent and Stripe refunds are governed by the Stripe refund policy applicable to your Stripe account ( If the same Stripe account is not connected to the ClearEvent Application, the event may manually process the Refund directly from the Stripe Dashboard for the Stripe account that received the original payment. All ClearEvent Service Charges are final and are not refundable at any time.

3. Responsibility for Refunds

All Refunds of any amount made by events using the ClearEvent Application are the sole responsibility the event.  It is the responsibility of the event to ensure that sufficient funds exist in the event’s Stripe account connected to the ClearEvent Application to ensure each Refund made by the event is able to transact. By using the ClearEvent Application you acknowledge and agree that under no circumstances will ClearEvent be responsible for repaying monies to third parties wherein such monies were previously paid to events via the ClearEvent Application, or were received by events outside of the ClearEvent Application. In the event of a malfunction of the ClearEvent application which causes an erroneous payment to an event from a third party to be processed, it is the responsibility of the event to issue a Refund to the appropriate third party who was charged in error, and immediately notify ClearEvent of the malfunction here.

4. Event Refund Policy

You agree that if your event accepts payments through the ClearEvent Application you must include your event’s refund policy in the fields provided in the Forms section of the ClearEvent Application for every active form which results in payments being collected. The ClearEvent Application makes the information entered by the event in the refund fields in each form available to registrants using those forms. 

The entries in the abovementioned refund fields shall be known as the Event Refund Policy.

You agree and warrant that your Event Refund Policy, shall minimally address, in clear, easily understandable terms, all the following:

  • The timeframe for the event issuing refunds.
  • The percentage of the original charge which shall be refunded to the buyer.
  • The eventualities under which refunds apply, such as but not limited to:
       - Early cancellation of a registration.
       - Event cancellation .
       - Event postponement.
       - Change of venue.
  • Any other key conditions relevant to your Event Refund Policy.
  • Directions for addressing questions to your event about the Event Refund Policy

You agree that it is the event’s responsibility to answer all questions relating to the events Event Refund Policy. You further agree it is the events responsibility to advise the event’s customers in a timely manner, of changes to the Event Refund Policy

In the occurrence of your event failing to deliver services to paying customers, you agree to contact all paying customers of your event advising them of the non-delivery and of key details such as but not limited to their options for refund or for compensation, and, where relevant, details of the replacement goods or services and how they will be delivered to paying customers.

5. Suspicion of Fraudulent Activities

In the event that ClearEvent receives information which ClearEvent’s believes indicates, in its sole discretion, that an event may be utilizing the ClearEvent Application to perform illegal activities, ClearEvent reserves the right to suspend access by the suspected event to parts or all of the ClearEvent Application, to notify third party payment processors such as Stripe, to notify law enforcement and investigative authorities, and to provide access to event data to those authorities in response to properly enacted official requests from those authorities. ClearEvent also reserves the right to suspend access of the event to the ClearEvent Application until such time that the matter of use for illegal purposes has been resolved to ClearEvent’s satisfaction in its sole discretion.

6. Questions and Disputes

All questions and disputes related to Refunds should be addressed to, or sent by postal mail or courier:

Attn: ClearEvent Inc.
1011 Upper Middle Road East, Suite#1330
Oakville, ON
L6H 5Z9

Last updated: September 27th, 2017

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