Customize and brand your Event Portal easily and quickly. In the Branding section, upload a logo and a banner image and preview how they look
on a mockup of the portal or load your live portal to check them out.

Click the Upload Custom Logo... button. Select your logo file.  You can upload a range of graphics file formats including .gif, .jpg and .png. ClearEvent will accept images with transparent backgrounds and render them accordingly.

Likewise, click the Upload Custom Header Background Image.. button to upload a new banner image.
Once new logo or banner is loaded, ClearEvent renders how they will look in the Event Portal preview.

Use the toggle "Hide Background Overlay?" to control if the banner is darkened to help with the contrast between the background and the header text.
At any time you can click any of the Remove links and return to the system default.


  • Make sure the image is roughly 1500 x 500 pixels. This helps to ensure it looks its best on a wide range of different devices.
  • Avoid using an image that contains writing. It can make the header text in the Event Portal harder to read. 
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