There are some circumstances when it is not possible or desirable to require your event participants to make online credit card payments.   For those cases, the ClearEvent Platform provides the option to accept and track manual payments (Offline or On-site payments).   These manual payment modes are intended so you can encourage your participants to provide important registration details through your registration form(s), but handle payments in a manual offline manner.

Manual Payment Modes

On-site (Manual) mode

This mode intended for those cases where you are accepting payment at the gate.    It is recommended that you provide some Payment Instructions when setting up On-site mode.   For example; "Exchange Change/Cash Only"

Offline (Manual) mode

This mode is intended for those cases where you give the participants the option to pay manually using some other form of payment.   Again, It is recommended that you provide some Payment Instructions when setting up Offline mode.   Be sure to include the types of payments you accept, payment terms, addresses, and phone numbers.   For example: "Make checks payable to 'XYZ Event' and mail to '123 Main St. Springfield, U.S.A'. All checks must be received by Jan 31st to"

The other aspects of On-site or Offline payment modes behave the same.

NOTE: Services Charges are only applied to Online - Credit Card transactions, so any fees setup with an Offline or On-site payment mode are not subject to Service Charges.

Tracking Manual Payments

Since it is impossible for the ClearEvent platform to know when the event actually receives the payment there are some additional steps you need to know to manage the registrations received.

Manual Approval Mode

When a form is created, on the Settings tab is the ability to set the Approval Mode.   By default, this is set to Automatic (no pre-screening process - participants are automatically flagged as approved).  It is recommended setting the form Approval Mode to 'Manual' and only approving participants once payment has been received in full.   

Receive Payments

The Payments Tab, in the Participants Detail screen, includes a check box to indicate when a manual payment has actually been received by the event.

The amount from this Registration will not appear in the Event Budget, unless the Payment Received has been checked.

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