Selling additional products and services to your event registrants is a great way for your event to create additional revenue streams. In addition to charging a registration fee, you can now sell other merchandise and/or services as part of the registration process.  Whether you want to include some optional extras such as parking permit, branded clothing or some form of upgrade to the regular registration fee, the Products feature is what you're looking for!

Creating your first Product

You can customize the following fields to give your registrants the best experience starting with the right name.

Checkout Step Name - Customize the Checkout Step Name for the products listing on this registration form.

Checkout Step Title - Customize the Checkout Step Title shown above the products listing on this registration form.

Checkout Instructions - Provide clear instructions to help registrants make the best selection.

Products can be added to any existing registration form by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the Forms section.
  2. Goto the Products tab and then click on +Add Product button

3. Setup your product details using the Add new product screen:

Product Name - a short name to briefly describe your product.   This will identify your product in the Budget.

Description - provide a helpful product description that will be shown during the registration process.   Be specific about what is included and any limitations.

Price - enter the total price, including any applicable taxes.   Note:  Service Charges for Online Credit card processing will be added to the transaction at the time of checkout.   It is not necessary to include them here.

Total Available Qty - enter the total quantity that you have available to sell.   The quantity you enter here is tracked globally and is shared by any registration form that includes this Product. Once all quantity of the Product is sold the quantity will show "SOLD OUT".  Note: The Total Available Qty can be updated later if additional items become available.

Min / Max Qty - these two fields provide the minimum or maximum quantity that a registrant can select during the registration process.   

  • If both Min Qty and Max Qty are set to 1 then a checkbox will be shown.  
  • If Max Qty is 25 or less, the selection is made using a drop-down list.  
  • If Max Qty is greater than 25 then the desired amount will need to be keyed in at the time of registration.  

Default Qty - the default quantity that will be initially shown to the registrant. Enter 0, or a value between the Min Qty and Max Qty if defined.  

Required - if checked, then the registrant must select a qty greater than zero.

  • NOTE: Regardless of the settings for Min Qty it is not possible to sell more product then that Total Available Qty.   If the Total Available Qty is less than the Min Qty at the time a registration form is filled out, a "SOLD OUT" message will be presented to the registrant.   For a Required product, if there is insufficient quantity remaining, and a Min Qty cannot be satisfied, it will not be possible to complete the registration process.

Important: Fulfillment of products or services sold through the ClearEvent platform is not the responsibility of ClearEvent.   Events are responsible for fulfilling all products or services purchased by their registrants at their own expense.

To learn how you can track your sales of products, click here.

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