Sometimes there is downtime after your event ends and planning for the next event has not yet started. This is a well earned time for your event team to rest and recuperate. After all the hard work of organizing a great event, you've earned it!!

Your event in ClearEvent is accessible by your team at any time after your event. There's lots of useful information, especially to help marketing efforts for your next event. Your event data is preserved ready for when you need it.

As you lead up to planning for your next event, use ClearEvent's Rollover feature to save time and effort preparing for your next event.

Pausing my subscription

ClearEvent subscriptions are priced very affordably. Don't just take our word for it, many ClearEvent subscribers report spending more on coffees or pizza than on their ClearEvent subscriptions!

Some organizations, such as non-profits, operate on limited budgets and are interested in ways to stretch their resources. Pausing subscriptions is one way ClearEvent can help. 

Let us know the details, and we'll be glad discuss how ClearEvent can assist your organization.

Happy Planning!

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