This article describes how registrant data for multiple registrant types are exported to a single .CSV file that can be edited with Excel or Google Sheets.

To export registrant data from ClearEvent into separate files for each registrant type, see this article.

When data collected from multiple registration forms is exported into a single .CSV files, various rules must be applied in order to consolidate registrant answers across similar columns from multiple registration forms (registrant types):

  • Custom form fields that are named the same (case sensitive Short Field Name (Id)) will be consolidated into a single column. This is done to minimize the number of columns shown in the exported file.

    For example, if two forms have a field named "TShirt" (same Short Field Name (Id)), both fields would be consolidated into one column named "TShirt". Field name comparisons are case-sensitive, so if the Short Field Name (Id) values are different in any way, then each field would have its own column (e.g. "TShirt" and "Tshirt":

  • Columns across multiple registration forms are combined, de-duplicated and listed alphabetically in the export file.

  • User profile and address fields will be exported when the address fields are enabled for a registration form, or a registration fee is charged (online or offline).

NOTE: Please be aware that there could be many columns of data in the file and it's possible it will be wider than the screen can show. Scroll right to see everything even if it looks like some columns are empty.

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