Attendees wishing to purchase tickets or register for your event can now use Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay and other browser wallets (through the Payment Request API) to quickly & securely submit their payment. 

During checkout, attendees will be shown either an Apple Pay button or a "Pay now" Payment Request button, depending on what is supported by their device and browser combination. 

For example:

Supported Browsers

The ability to use Apple Pay or a Browser Wallet depends on the version of browser you have. We highly recommend upgrading to the latest available version of your browser.


  • Safari on Mac running macOS Sierra or later.
  • An iPhone (not an iPad; Safari doesn't support them yet) with a card in its Wallet paired to your Mac with Handoff, or a Mac with TouchID. Instructions can be found on Apple's Support website.

Mobile Safari

  • Mobile Safari on iOS 10.1 or later.
  • A card muse be set up in your Wallet, by going to Settings → Wallet & Apple Pay.


Chrome Mobile for Android

Microsoft Edge for Windows

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