Once you have connected a Stripe account and finished setting up your event registration forms and/or tickets, you'll want to test the checkout process before you start selling them to attendees.

Why Test Your Event Checkout Process?

Testing your event checkout process:

  • helps you to understand the experience your attendees will have when they register or purchase tickets for your event. It's very helpful for you to also have a good understanding of how the checkout works in case you ever need to guide an attendee through the checkout process yourself.
  • helps you to test that any custom field validation rules you may have set up for your registration form are working as expected. 
  • allows you populate the ClearEvent platform with test registrations & ticket orders that simulate what you'll see when you make your event live.

Test Credit Cards Numbers

To be able to test registration forms and ticket orders that collect online payments, you can use test credit card numbers to simulate test transactions with various outcomes (e.g. a successful charge, declined charge, insufficient funds, etc...). You can find a full list of available test card numbers on Stripe's website here

For example:
Using a Visa test card number of 4242 4242 4242 4242  will result in a successful purchase. However, using card number 4000 0000 0000 0002  will result in a card_declined  payment error code and a failed registration.

Test Card Numbers For Successful Charges:

You can use any of the following test cards to simulate a successful payment for different billing countries. For countries that have separate domestic and international pricing (e.g., Australia), the fee calculated for test card payments is at the international rate. 

Test Card Numbers For Failed Charges:

The following test cards can be used to create payments that produce specific responses—useful for testing different scenarios and error codes. Verification checks only run when the required information is provided (e.g., for cvc_check to be set to fail, a CVC code must be provided).

  • 4000 0000 0000 0002  - Charge is declined with a card_declined  code. 
  • 4000 0000 0000 0127  - Charge is declined with an incorrect_cvc code.
  • 4000 0000 0000 0069  - Charge is declined with an expired_card  code. 
  • More test cards can be found here.

Testing Registration Forms & Ticket Orders

How To Enable "Test" Mode:

Your event's Payment Gateway Mode needs to be in "Test" mode before you can test any registrations or ticket orders using a test card number.

  1. Open the Event Manager App
  2. In the Payments section, ensure that a Stripe account has been connected and that the Payment Gateway Mode is set to "Test" mode.

Testing Registration Form Checkout:

  1. Open the Event Manager App.
  2. In the Forms section, create or edit a form. Ensure the form you wish to test has one more more online fees, and that the form is not yet published.
  3. In the Form Designer, click the Preview button from the toolbar.
  4. Complete all required form fields. 
  5. When prompted for payment details, use a test card number.
  6. Click the register button.
  7. If you used a test card number that results in a successful charge, you'll see a new test participant registration in the Event Manager App > Participants section if the form was set to charge the registrant immediately. If the form was set to only charge the registrant when their registration is approved, you'll first need to approve the participant in the Event Manager App > Participants section to process the charge.

Testing Ticket Order Checkout:

  1. Open the Event Manager App.
  2. In the Event Setup section, ensure the Event Portal is Open.
  3. In the Tickets section > Tickets tab, create one or more tickets. Ensure the ticket is a paid ticket, and that the ticket is not yet published.
  4. Edit a paid ticket and click the Preview button. This will open the Tickets purchase page in your Event Portal App.
  5. Select the desired quantity of tickets and click the Checkout button.
  6. When prompted for payment details, use a test card number.
  7. Click the "Pay now" button.
  8. If you used a test card number that results in a successful charge, you'll see a new test ticket order in the Event Manager App > Tickets section > Ticket Orders tab.

Cleaning Up Tests

When you're done testing, it's a good idea to decline & refund any registrations you created when you were testing. This will help avoid any confusion and also help keep your dashboard metrics accurate. 

Paid participant registrations and ticket orders received while your payment gateway was in "Test" mode will be flagged with a "Test Payment" badge like so:

Budget entries done in "Test" mode will be removed once the Payment Gateway Mode is "Live".

Ready To Go Live?

Lastly, don't forget to switch your Payment Gateway Mode to "Live" when you're done testing and are ready to start charging registrants and ticket buyers for real.

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