Ticket Orders

Now that you've setup and sold tickets for your event, you can review the status of ticket orders from within the product by going to:

  1. Select Tickets once logged into your event.
  2. Click on Ticket Orders tab.

From here you can now show what orders to see such as All, Paid, Refunded, etc. Sorting by any columns available and in either ascending or descending order. If you know a buyer name or email address you can search for it specificly using the search box on the right.

Ticker Order Details

If you wish to get more details on a specific order, click the ticket order in question and then the Edit button on the right hand side that shows up in blue.

Information presented here includes:

  • All charges and fees for the order. 
  • Office use only notes field about the order if required.
  • A way to download the tickets as a PDF.
  • Issue a refund to the buyer is a feature coming soon. For now if this is needed please see how to do this from Stripe
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