If your event needs to check-in ticket holders in order to track physical attendance at your event, you'll want to use the built-in participant check-in features of ClearEvent.

Why would I want to check-in ticket holders?

Checking-in ticket holders is completely optional, but this practice is useful in a number of scenarios:

  1. You want to know how many of your ticket holders physically attended your event.
  2. You have additional on-site process (e.g. signing waivers, verifying age, handing out swag) and you need to track which ticket holders have already been processed.
  3. You need to track volunteer hours and you want to make sure a volunteer actually attended your event.

How to check-in a ticket holder:

  1. Open the Tickets section > Ticket Holder tab.
  2. Use the Search box to locate the desired ticket holder you want to check-in. 
  3. Under the Check-In column, click the checkbox to check-in the ticket holder

On-site ticket holder check-in tips:

If you need to check-in ticket holders on-site we have some useful tips to help you make things run smoothly:

  • Set up an on-site ticket holder check-in desk in an easy to find a location with lots of open space to accommodate the expected number of ticket holders. Staff it appropriately to avoid long queues and frustrated ticket holders. 
  • We recommend using the ClearEvent Event Manager App to track check-ins in real-time. You'll need an internet connection and computers (or tablets) for each person at your on-site check-in desk. 
  • If you don't have an internet connection or enough computers, it's not a problem. Simply export the list of ticket holders before your event and print enough copies for each check-in desk staff member. When a ticket holder checks-in, cross them off the list. You can update ClearEvent later from marked up the physical printouts so you have a record. NOTE: For off-line scenarios, remember that your check-in staff won't be able to easily cross-reference their printed-out lists to see if a ticket holder is already registered. It's for this reason that you should think about creating separate queues to process check-ins.  Consider alphabetic queues (e.g. Line #1 is for ticket holders with the last name starting with a letter between A-F). This ensures a ticket holder can't register twice on two different physical lists to get extra swag.
  • When checking-in ticket holders using the ClearEvent system, check-in staff can use the Tickets section > Search box to lookup the desired ticket holder and then click the checkbox in the first column to indicate the ticket holder is attending the event.
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