Setting the right ticket price is very important to your event's success. We've assembled some guidelines to consider when setting your ticket prices.

Ticket Pricing Considerations

  • Cover your costs. Event expenses quickly add up, especially for key aspects such as venue, catering, entertainment, audio/visual, decorations and staff. If tickets are a key source of revenue for your event, make sure to assemble a listing of all of your costs first. Once you know how many tickets will be sold, ticket prices can be set so you know you will cover all key costs at your event.
  • How many tickets will you sell? This is a big topic and there are many factors that impact how many tickets are sold. Key factors include identifying your audience(s), promotion of your event to your audience(s), competing activities, easy of purchase, incentives/discounts/promo codes and your ticket prices. A key goal for every event organizer is to understand and manage these factors to maximize your attendance and revenue from ticket sales.
  • Do you planning to offer promotional discounts? If so, you can set up Promo Codes in ClearEvent in the Promo Codes section. Make sure to leave room in the original ticket price to account for the discount offered by your Promo Code. Learn more.
  • Use early and late pricing to incentivise ticket sales. Learn more
  • Show or absorb the service charge. ClearEvent aligns our goal with yours: to sell as many tickets as possible for your event and to maximize your ticket revenue. Rather than charge events expensive software subscriptions, ClearEvent charges a very small processing fee on tickets. The more tickets you sell, the better everyone does. ClearEvent tickets are very flexible. You can pass along the ClearEvent Service Charge to the ticket buyer, or you can absorb the ClearEvent Service Charge into the ticket price, whichever you prefer.
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  • Having trouble deciding on the price to sell a ticket?
    Learn more.

Set A Refund Policy

Having a strong refund policy will protect your event in the case where a chargeback is received. Please see here for details on setting refund policies

  • Many event services such as venues and catering require deposits and non-refundable payments. Make sure to factor this into both your ticket prices and your refund policy.
  • If your event refund policy allows refunds, consider adjusting your ticket price to properly cover all non-refundable costs for your event in the event of refunds. As with many event services, ClearEvent and Stripe service charges are non refundable.

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