Web links or email addresses contained in common plain-text description or summary text fields of the Event Manager App will automatically be converted into clickable hyper-links. 

Here's an example showing a link that has been included in the Event Setup section > General tab > Summary field:

And here is what the link looks like when viewing the summary text on your Event Portal:

You can include links in most summary and description fields when configuring event setup, forms, tickets, schedules, messages, and products. 

To add a link, paste a valid link into any Description or Summary field. For example, let’s say you’d like to add a link to your event description:

  1. Open the Event Manager App > Event Setup section > General tab.

  2. In the Description field, paste a link in the format “https://example.com” into the description.

  3. Save your changes.

  4. Now, open the Event Portal and test your changes by clicking on the link in the description that is displayed. Note that the link you added is automatically turned into an active hyperlink. Clicking the link will open the link in a new browser tab.

  • You can add links to most Summary and Description fields.

  • Make sure to test your link to make sure they are valid and that they work.

  • Links will always open in a new web browser tab. 

  • You cannot paste links to JavaScript files.

  • Email addressees will be turned into clickable links. However, email addresses that contain Slash characters (rare) are not supported.

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