If you are unable to submit a registration form that you have filled out, please review the checklist below for common troubleshooting tips.

If you have event-specific registration questions, you will need to reach out to the event organizer. ClearEvent will not be able to assist with event-specific registration questions and will direct you to contact the event organizer for such inquiries.

If you are still unable to submit your registration form, please contact ClearEvent Technical Support for assistance using the in-app Chat button or by submitting a technical support request here.

Ensure All Required Fields Are Completed

If any fields on a registration form have been required by the event organizer, the Register button will not be enabled.

Required Field Example

To complete your registration, carefully review your registration form and provide a valid answer for all required fields. Once all required fields are entered, the Register button will then become enabled and you will be able to submit the registration form.

Ensure All Fields Are Valid

If any fields on your registration form are invalid, you will not be able to submit the registration form. 

A field is considered invalid if the value entered does not pass validation requirements that have been set by the event organizer. 

Invalid Field Example: The event requires between 3 - 50 characters to be entered.

Here are a few reasons a field may be considered invalid:

  • Too few or too many characters were entered into a Textbox field.

  • Too few or too many options for a multiple choice question were selected.

  • A date is not between the expected range.

  • No answer was given. 

  • No file was attached.

  • A file that was attached was too large.

To complete your registration, you must correct any invalid answer before you can submit a registration form. 

Misbehaving or Misconfigured Web Browsers

ClearEvent is designed to work with all major modern web browser. Sometimes however, a web browser may not operate as expected. 

There are numerous reasons for this, the most common being browser malware, over-protective ad-blockers, misbehaving browser extensions/plug-ins, security configurations, or even a bug or change in behavior introduced by a recent web browser update. 

To resolve these problems, we recommend trying the following:

  • Refresh your browser and try to register again.

  • If you still cannot register, try to re-open the registration form link using an incognito (or in-private) browser and try to register again. If a misbehaving browser plug-in is the cause, this approach should allow you to register.

  • As a last resort, try a different web browser. For example, if Microsoft Edge is not working for you, try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Here are the top browsers we recommend:

Use An Up-To-Date Web Browser

Please ensure you use a modern web browser that meets our minimum requirements. We always recommend to try and keep your web browser updated to the latest version. 

Generally, we recommend using the latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or IE 11 browser to register for an event.

Registering Taking A Long Time When Uploading Files 

If an event organizer requires files to be attached to the registration form and uploaded as part of the registration process, you may experience long delays when uploading large files over a slow internet connection. In some cases, your upload may timeout, or may even fail. Here are some file upload tips to help reduce file upload issues:

  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection when uploading large files. Uploading large files over a mobile data connection can be slow and may also fail with a timeout or network error depending on the quality of your mobile data connection. 

  • Reduce the size  of a file before you upload it. For example, if you are uploading a large image, resize the image to reduce the dimensions of the image. If uploading a Adobe PDF file, ensure that the PDF is optimized for the Web and uses compression to reduce the file size.

  • Use a desktop web browser when uploading files.

  • Lastly, if you don't have a fast internet connection, please be patient. Once all file attachments have been uploaded, your registration should complete successfully.

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