This article does not apply to new registration forms created or shared after the April 26th, 2018 product update. No action is needed to update Share Links for recently created registration forms.

If you have created and published registration forms prior to our product update release on April 26th, 2018, you'll most certainly want to update your event's registration form Share Links to take advantage of our new streamlined registration experience.

The New Streamlined Registration Experience Benefits

We think most event will want to move to our new registration workflow right away. There are a number of great benefits that your event can take advantage of immediately by simply updating the Share Link that directs registrants to your registration form(s).

  • Faster registration. Removing the Sign In / Sign Up step allows your registrants to get to your registration form faster, with less friction, and will improve conversion rates.

  • No passwords! When a registrant submits their registration form, ClearEvent will now automatically associate the registration with an existing ClearEvent account based on the registrant’s email that was provided. If there is no ClearEvent account, the system will automatically one and will email the account details (along with a temporary password) to the registrant for their records. They can use this account to sign in to your Event Portal App at a later date.

  • Manually register event attendees. Event Organizers can now easily sign up on behalf of an event guests. This is great if you have guests that are unable to register themselves, or if you already have event registrants that have been manually registered for your event through some other means. Event Organizers can simply open the desired registration form and then use the registrant’s email address & name to complete the registration form on their behalf. ClearEvent will automatically send the registrant an email confirmation when their registration is received by the system.

Share Links should look like this:{FormId}

Where the {FormId} will be the actual form permalink to your form.

How To Enable The New Streamlined Registration Experience

To provide backwards compatibility, events that have published and shared an old Share Link for their registration forms prior to April 26th, 2018 will need to update any published Share Links. Registration forms shared after this date will automatically use the new Share Link and will not require any specific action on your part since you'll only have access to the current D.

  1. Open the Event Manager App.

  2. Go to the Forms section.

  3. Edit an existing form.

  4. Click on the Publish tab.

  5. Copy the Share Link field.

  1. Go to the Event Manager App > Registration section > Forms tab

  2. Edit an existing form.

  3. In the Form Designer > Fees tab, Edit the desired fee to open the Fee Editor.

  4. Scroll down and copy the Special Access Link.

If you have done a good job promoting an existing registration form, there are likely a number of old Share Links that need to be updated to use the new Share Link

For each form that you have published, you'll want to update any link that points to your form. If you miss any links, there's nothing to worry about. Old links will continue to work, but will just require the registrant either create a new ClearEvent account or sign into an existing ClearEvent account prior completing the registration form.

You can use this handy list of suggestions as a guide when updating links to your registration forms:

  1. Update any links you have added to your official event website.

  2. If you have a blog, update any old registration form share links in your blog posts.

  3. Since it's typically not easy to update existing posts on social media, we recommend simply posting new messages to your social channels to indicate the registration link has been updated.

  4. If you link to any registration forms from your social media websites/pages (Linked in, Facebook, etc.) update those links or social media posts & stories.

  5. If you have ever emailed a Special Access Link that has yet to be redeemed, you may wish to consider sending out an updated Special Access Link.

If you have any questions about updating your forms, please contact us.

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