If you have connected a Stripe account to ClearEvent to enable your event to accept online payments through ClearEvent, you can customize the description that appears on the Credit Card statement on an event-by-event basis.

Providing a clear and meaningful Statement Descriptor will help buyers relate the item on their credit card statement back to your event and will help to reduce any chargebacks to your event down the road. Chargebacks often happen when a Card Holder reviews their statement and doesn't recognize a charge and then calls their credit card issuing bank to report a charge as fraudulent.

A Custom Descriptor can be provided for each event you run (if you manage multiple events through ClearEvent). It's a great way to ensure what appears on a Card Holder's statement is identifiable with your event.

How To Customize The Full Statement Descriptor

To customize the Full Statement Descriptor for your event(s):

  • For each event you run, open the Event Manager App (as an Event Owner).
  • Go to the Payments section.
  • Edit the Custom Descriptor field and set it to the desired value.

    NOTE: The Custom Descriptor can only be a maximum of 10 characters.

The Stripe Statement Descriptor and Stripe Shortened Descriptor are managed in the account settings of Stripe's dashboard. 

  • If no Custom Descriptor is provided, the Stripe Statement Descriptor will be shown on the buyer's credit card statement.
  • If a Custom Descriptor is provided, the Stripe Shortened ¬†Descriptor will be prefixed with the Custom Descriptor to be shown on the buyer's credit card statement.

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