As an event organizer, there may be times when you'll need to process manual credit card payment from your customer outside of ClearEvent's built-in payment processing features.


You can manually create payments through the Stripe Dashboard, though it must only be performed when there are exceptional circumstances preventing you from using ClearEvent's built-in payment processing features. Using Stripe to process manual payments cannot be your primary method of processing payments on your account. Stripe may choose to suspend your account if they determine you do this too many times.

When you manually enter card information into the Stripe Dashboard, Stripe isn’t able to verify that you’re keeping this information secure—so you’re responsible for ensuring that you protect your customers’ card information in accordance with the PCI compliance requirements. ClearEvent also is unaware of the transaction and can't help you track it in your budget. You'll need to manual update your event budget to reflect these manual transactions.

IMPORTANT: Never ask a customer to email their credit card details. Email is unsecure and you may expose your customers credit card to theft.

ClearEvent highly recommends that you always use ClearEvent to process payments and remain PCI compliant. ClearEvent will always collect credit card details securely and will always keep your budget up to date.

Manually Processing a Payment

1 - To charge a credit card, go to your Stripe Dashboard

2 - Select Live mode or Test mode. 

3 - Click Payments.

4 - Click the + New button.

5 - Fill out the payment details. 

6 - Click More options to see additional details. Collect as many payment details as you can from the customer over the phone (or other secure channel) and fill them in here. Make sure to enter the customer's email address into the Email for receipt field so that they receive a copy of the receipt.

7 - Click the Create payment button. If successful, the payment will then appear in the Payment list. 

8 - Optionally, update your event budget to keep track the manual payment.

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