Most event organizers want to collect payment from registrants at the same time as registration forms are submitted. This is the default setting when a new registration form is created in ClearEvent.

However, in some cases, it may be desirable to delay charging the registrant until their registration has been reviewed by event staff and is approved.   

This is most often useful if your event is juried (meaning registrants must apply to participate), or if registrants must have specific qualifications, charging only on registration approval avoids having to pay transaction fees and issue refunds if you decline the registration.

ClearEvent handles this in an easy and efficient manner.   

  • Set up your registration form to collect fee(s) and registrant information.
  • Registrants fill out the information on your registration form, and enter credit card details during the registration check out process.  The Credit Card must be valid in order to submit the registration form, but no payments will be processed at the time of registration. 
  • Some later time, at the convenience of the event organizer, the registration can be reviewed, and if deemed acceptable, approved. At this time, the Credit Card provided by the registrant will be charged.

For details on how to setup your registration forms to charge only on approval, click here.

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