When registrants sign up for your event, and the registration forms Approval Mode setting is set to "Manual Approval", registrants will receive a confirmation email when their registration is either approved or declined by an Event Manager. 

You can personalize the default contents of these emails by adding special placeholder text that will be substituted with registrant details when the approval email is sent:

How To: Customize Approve/Decline Email Messages

  1. Go to the Registration section > Forms tab, and edit a registration form.

  2. In the Form Designer > Settings tab, click the Edit Approval/Decline Messages button.

  3. In the message editor popup, edit the message and paste any of the following placeholders to personalize the message:
    - Displays the first name of the registrant.
        {{LastName}} - Displays the last name of the registrant.
        {{Email}} - Displays the email address of the registrant.
    Example: "Hi {{FirstName}}, welcome! Your registration has been approved..."

  4. Click OK to close the popup window and then click Save. Your changes will now be used as the default template whenever you approve or decline a registration from within the Registration section > Registrants tab.

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